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Five Keys to the Game

In all my interaction over the years with students, whether it was during my time with the Portland Trail Blazers or events hosted by Sports Career Consulting (SCC), the question I get asked most frequently is focused on what steps are necessary for pursuing a career in sports.  It is a great question to be sure, and obviously one that many students would like to see answered.  It is not, however, one that is answered easily, nor is it one with any “correct” answer or  a magical solution.  The good news is that there are several key pieces of advice anyone interested in a career in sports should be aware of and we’ll share them in today’s blog post.  Rest assured that this is not any complex formula by any stretch, but one that I can assure you is paramount to breaking into the industry.  Here are our five keys to the game…

Five Keys to the Game

Key #1:  Be Passionate

Regardless of which career path you choose (sports, entertainment or otherwise), find something you can be passionate about.  Passion is one of the primary, underlying characteristics shared by the majority of people who find success in their chosen field.  Take Kobe Bryant for example…one could argue that very few have played the game of basketball with more passion.  It is that passion that drives Kobe to be one of the best (if not the best) basketball player in the world today.

Do not think for a second, however, that you need to be an athlete to be passionate about something. Consider Phil Knight, founder of Nike, who used his passion for running to fuel a passion for developing (and later selling) the perfect running shoe.  His passion turned into a multi-billion dollar global brand. Knight’s passion was one of the key ingredients in the recipe for Nike’s success. Continue reading

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