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Rules and Terms

Like everything else, there are some rules for commenting and posting on this blog:

1. The Everything College Sports Blog is designed to allow a variety of opinions, so respectful disagreement is o.k., but nastiness is not.

2. All comments will be posted unless they are determined to contain spam, advertising, inappropriate content, or libelous statements. Potential copyright, trademark, service mark, patents, trade secrets, or confidential information violations will also not be posted.

3. The editor, and guest bloggers, retain full rights and discretion in editing all content.

4. Content in comments and blog postings are the responsibility of the individual contributor.

5. Please link to web content that is integral to your comment or post as opposed to copying large portions of text. Short quotes are fine, but link and/or cite your source. For more information on fair use guidelines click here and for other information on intellectual property rights and blogging click here to visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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